ok here goes nothing,a few of my friends talked me into this and here we go. For a beginner lm really nervous l absolutely have no idea how to operate a blog but with the passion l have to tell you about my travels,food,restaurants l guess l will learn with time

Oops sorry where are my manners haha,my name is Sandra Lexy lm from Uganda yeeii the pearl of Africa l love love traveling and l have been to a few interesting places/countries which has made me see a lot of things and life itself differently so instead of making long paragraphs as captions on Instagram a few of my friends suggested l should start blogging and here l am haha so l hope you enjoy my blogs,relate to them or even scoop some ideas.so y’all welcome to my life,this is gonna be interesting l promise #zerotohero #traveling #foodie #resturants

21 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hey welcome! or should i say same pinch? I’m also starting my blog here with zero experience in blogging. By the way, All the very best for your future journey in here.


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      1. Oh thank you so much and i am hoping to know so much about Kenya from you. And i hope every time you’ll give something new to us through your blogs.


  2. Hi Sandra Lexy! Congratulations over your new blog. I’m starting a new one too in hopes of becoming passionate for writing again. I’m so excited for our journey! Looking forward to your next post. 😉


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