Trip to BALI

Ok the long wait is finally over y’all sorry it took a while before l officially Write my first blog l still had to figure out this whole blogging thing first and lm still having difficulties putting my site together so Incase you spot a mistake please bear in mind lm new to all this but l will get better,alright let’s begin shall we


so my first visit to bali was five years ago but didn’t really get to do anything or even go anywhere, l literally stayed at the resort the entire time and this is bali we talking about you just can’t come and stay in so decided to go back but this time l had everything planned out,l knew what l had to do from my first day to the very last though l didn’t get to do everything cz of course when alcohol gets involved it’s a different story hahah .

I arrived at Ngurah Rai international airport which is the only airport bali has,l had my shuttle that l booked through Expedia waiting for me but in most cases people prefer hotel pick ups and having used both during my travels l say they all fine except hotel pick ups are costly compared to the shuttle or car you’ve booked through Expedia or! It was a good two hours drive from the airport to ubud. Here is the interesting part,when someone talks about bali the first thing that pops up in my mind is the bali swing,a beautiful flower bath,that floating breakfast on an infinity pool with birds singing to you in the morning huh and l was looking forward to it all so l booked myself one of the best resorts in ubud with the longest infinity pool in Bali

PADMA RESORT UBUD “The beginning and the end of all natural scenery” they say and l agree hahaha (not all inclusive) l arrived late in the night but the staff was looking forward to having me and they checked me in quick ! There rooms are super large with huge bathtubs l didn’t take pictures but I’ve stolen one from their page and that’s exactly how my room looked like Haha


You should keep in mind you need to reserve to have floating breakfast or floating afternoon tea, l had no clue l had to reserve and that’s the first thing l wanted to have the very next morning so the manager of Padma resort tried his very best to make sure l had exactly what l wanted cz of course l gat this amazing charm hahahha it works all the time when l convince someone but it may not work for you so make sure you reserve before your travel

This is a must if you even wanna say you have ever been to bali,the amazing morning breeze,the sound of the birds! Water is always warm since not all days are sunny days so don’t cancel your floating breakfast cz of the gloomy weather!

Next day l headed to ubud town,Padma resort is like an hour away from ubud town but a shuttle was provided by the resort for pickup and drop off every after 3 hours. Getting to ubud town l highly recommend scooters as your transportation around town now l on the other hand can’t drive one so l hired a good local gentleman who took me around for all the days l spent in ubud.make sure to look out for cheats those are everywhere looking for tourists just like you and l to reap off,try to act or think like a local when it comes to negotiating prices.


Of course my first stop had to be at the bali swing ,Bali has so many around so finding one in ubud wont be a problem. The most famous one is Aloha ubud swing in Tegallalang.

and my next stop had to be the Tegallalang rice terrace,this is a must visit when in ubud


are a must when in Bali,so many hidden waterfalls and one could be close to you depending on where you are in Bali,lucky for me the Tegenungan waterfalls were the closest.its a 50 minutes ride from ubud town and like l said you get there faster on a scooter.

this is the most breathtaking thing I’ve ever seen,the environment was so so relaxing.the area tends to get crowded in the afternoons and lm not so good with big crowds so l headed to DTUKAD RIVER CLUB just right up the tegenungan waterfalls and spent my entire day there,dtukad is a fancy river club with an infinity pool and music playing while you sip on your magaritas gazing at the beautiful Blangsinga waterfalls,they have a bali swing too so you can decide to swing and have waterfalls as your background view

Hmmmm l almost forgot


Speaking of being extra,l will be damned if l went to Bali and didn’t have a flower bath because that definitely matches my level of extra hahahahha. Ok so Padma resort doesn’t offer a flower bath as one of their spa treatments,they have a milk bath instead but l knew what l wanted and that was a flower bath and for the right price you can always get what you want you know hahah so l had my flower bath beautifully set up

To most people a flower bath to them is to just sit in and get that beautiful instagram picture but that’s not the case,the ingredients that come with it,the baliness touch all get you relaxed

As l round up about Ubud l would like to state some facts,most people that visit ubud for a good couple of days are most likely couples,honeymooners and those that just want some peace and quiet like me! So if you traveling solo or with friends”teenagers” and all you want is to turn up,dance and get drunk till morning then ubud ain’t for you.The good news about it is you can stay in the fun part of bali and still take a one day trip to ubud to do and see some of these things though l would still recommend staying there for a couple of days for you to get to enjoy it really well. So many things l didn’t get to do or places l didn’t get to see but l will start from there next time but l really really enjoyed ubud and l insist that it’s one place one has to visit at least once in their life time.



ok here goes nothing,a few of my friends talked me into this and here we go. For a beginner lm really nervous l absolutely have no idea how to operate a blog but with the passion l have to tell you about my travels,food,restaurants l guess l will learn with time

Oops sorry where are my manners haha,my name is Sandra Lexy lm from Uganda yeeii the pearl of Africa l love love traveling and l have been to a few interesting places/countries which has made me see a lot of things and life itself differently so instead of making long paragraphs as captions on Instagram a few of my friends suggested l should start blogging and here l am haha so l hope you enjoy my blogs,relate to them or even scoop some y’all welcome to my life,this is gonna be interesting l promise #zerotohero #traveling #foodie #resturants